A Balanced-to-Single-Ended Wilkinson Power Divider

Zhen Yang, Weiguo Liu, Chen Miao, Xin-an Yuan, Wen Wu


A balanced-to-single-ended (BTSE) Wilkinson power divider of planar microstrip structure is proposed in this paper. It has a balanced input and two single-ended outputs. Cascade of a balun and a conventional power divider can be replaced by this proposed structure. Based on mixed-mode S-matrix, admittance matrix and ABCD matrix, the critical parameters are determined. The four-port network is analyzed by simplifying it to two-port network with other ports matched at the central frequency. Then the key parameters are derived and the impact of a freely selected variable on the bandwidth is also discussed. An example of 2.4GHz BTSE power divider is designed. The simulated and measured results show the effectiveness of the method: differential-mode transmissions are better than -3.25dB, common-mode transmissions are lower than -28.6dB, common-mode return loss is -0.10dB, differential-mode return loss and isolation is lower than -23.7dB. While the operating bandwidth is 20%.


balanced circuit; power divider; planar microstrip structure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742017v16i3924


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