A Novel Simple Convoluted Geometry to Design Frequency Selective Surfaces for Applications at ISM and UNII Bands

Vitor Fernandes Barros, Francisco Carlos Gurgel da Silva Segundo, Antonio Luiz Pereira de Siqueira Campos, Sandro Gonçalves da Silva, Alfredo Gomes Neto


In this paper, we use a novel convoluted geometry to design a dual-band Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) with angular stability and independent polarization operation. The geometry allows the design of a dual-band FSS to block ISM and UNII radio bands. We performed a parametric study with the commercial software ANSYS HFSS. A prototype of the designed FSS was built and its transmission characteristics were measured and compared with simulated results. We observed good agreement between numerical and experimental results. The FSS realized a dual-band response at the required bands and it had angular stability and polarization independence.


FSS, Novel Convoluted Geometry, Dual-band Response, ISM, UNII

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742017v16i2900


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