Development of an Analytical Method to Predict the Behaviour of the Magnetic Field in PM Linear Motors with Halbach Array

Marilia A Silveira, Leandro D Marques, Aly F Flores-Fiilho, Felipe Treviso


This paper describes the application of the method of separation of variables and the use of Fourier series for solving the Laplace´s and Poisson´s equations on the study and analysis of the magnetic field produced in a linear motor with Halbach array. Equations for predicting the 2D magnetic flux density distribution produced in the air gap were developed. The model was validated by means of finite element analysis and by measurements carried on a prototype of the linear motor. Theoretical results helped understand the behaviour of the magnetic flux density in the air gap and to obtain the values of the static propulsion force and normal force in such machine.


Analytical model, Fourier series, Halbach array, Laplace´s and Poisson´s equations, PM linear motor.

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