Analytical method for designing FSS-backed reflectarray antenna using transmission line method

Iman Derafshi, Nader Komjani, Ensieh Ghasemi Mizuji


In this communication a dual band X/K antenna is studied. In this antenna a conventional single layer RA and a FSS backed double layer RA with 54% and 50% efficiency are designed to operate at X band and K band, respectively. K band cell element is designed and analyzed with the use of transmission lines method and consideration of equivalent circuit for elements in each layer. Then the results obtained with this technique are compared with the ones found by CST and ADS that show a good agreement. Jerusalem cross dipole with variable size is employed as radiation element in both bands. The most important properties of our suggested array is its low cross polarization and high efficiency.


Reflectarray Antenna (RA), Frequency Selective Surface (FSS), Transmission Line Method, Dual Band Antenna.

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