Broadband Equal Power Divider

D. Packiaraj, M Ramesh, A. T. Kalghatgi


This paper presents the design of broadband two way equal power divider in microstrip medium with defected ground structure suitable for broadband communication systems. Quarter wave broadside coupled lines are used in the place of conventional transformers widely used in the popular Wilkinson power dividers. The proposed power divider structure takes the advantage of top and bottom layers of the microstrip medium to create broadside
coupled line configuration using defected ground plane. The floating conductor in the bottom layer plays a critical role in achieving the band select characteristics. Experimental results of two way equal power divider designed using the proposed structure has been verified against the full wave simulations. The isolation between the paths is more than 20dB and the return loss at each port is better than 15dB across the desired band of 3GHz to 8GHz.


Microstrip; Power divider; Broadband; Wilkinson

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