A correction method for the analytical model in Raman amplifiers systems based on energy conservation assumption.

Thiago Vieira Nogueira Coelho, Alexandre Bessa dos Santos, Marco Aurélio Jucá, Luiz carlos Carmo Jr., Maria José Pontes, Andres Pablo López-Barbero


This paper presents a modification for the already consolidated analytical model that calculates the gain and ripple in multi-pump Raman amplifiers by considering energy conservation. The original analytical model precisely computes the pump-pump interaction to the C- and L-band for a WDM input signal. However, when this method is used to amplify a large bandwidth, as the entire C and a part of the L band, the increase in the number of pump lasers impacts the obtained results. The error, if compared with results obtained by a numerical method, becomes significant. An analysis in terms of energy is proposed to minimize the discrepancy between analytical and numerical results. An improvement is observed to the gain results.


Raman amplifier, numerical model, analytical model, energy conservation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742016v15i3612


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