Design of high gain and wide band EBG resonator antenna with dual layers of same dielectric superstrate at X-bands

Tariq Rahim, Jiadong Xu


A wide band EBG resonator antenna with two layer of dielectric superstrates of the same material is design which is operating in X band. The EBG superstrates act as Partially Reflective Surfaces (PRS) having positive reflection phase curve which are suspended above a double sided dipole patch antenna fed by a coaxial cable pass through ground plane. Thus a resonator cavity is constructed which increases the bandwidth and gain of the feed antenna. The measured results validate the simulation results obtain from Computer Simulation Technology (CST) microwave studio. These results show that the antenna posses a 3 dB gain bandwidth from 8.5 GHz to 11.2 GHz, with a peak gain of 15.3 dBi. Furthermore, the scattering parameter S11 is well within range from 8.6 GHz to 11 GHz.


Antenna; CST;EBG resonator antenna;superstrate

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