Design of Frequency Selective Band Stop Shield Using Analytical Method

Mahmoud Fallah, Alireza Ghayekhloo, Ali Abdolali


In this article, a high-order frequency selective band-stop EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) shield is designed using multilayer square loop while each loop resonates at the specific desired frequency.

The glass material is picked out as the preferred substrate for the designing process. In contrast to the computationally intensive numerical approaches (software), the equivalent circuit model offers a simple alternative method in FSS (frequency selective surface) analyses which is useful for quickly predicting the performance of FSS. The proposed FSS can be synthesized based on microwave filter theory and the synthesized FSS can control transmission-zero frequencies. A three zero-transmission transparent window is designed using the proposed method, in which 30dB insertion loss is achieved for 6 to 10 GHz bandwidth and optical opacity of the structure is 85%.

The response of the analytical model is compared with the results of full-wave simulation. As a result, it predicts quite well the resonant frequencies of the designed FSS.


Frequency Selective Surfaces, Band Stop Filter Design, Shielding Application, Equivalent Circuit Model.

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