Characterization of a Mobile Urban Radio Channel with an Improved Multicarrier Sounding Technique

Leonardo H. Gonsioroski, L. da Silva Mello, Carlos R. Ron, L. J. Matos


This paper presents results of temporal dispersion characteristics of a broadband channel measured at 2.5 GHz in a dense urban environment. The cumulative distributions of the number of multipath components and the rms delay spread were obtained, as well as the mean value and the standard deviation of the rms delay spread. A new sounding technique was employed that combines characteristics of the multicarrier sounding and pulse compression sounding techniques by using a pseudo-noise (PN) sequence as input to a multicarrier OFDM modulator. It was found that it provides improvement over the traditional multicarrier sounding technique by allowing better synchronization of the received signal and the capture of a higher number of multipath components.


Broadband sounding, channel characterization and radio propagation.

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