Chromatic Dispersion of an Optical Fiber Based on Photonic Quasicrystals with Twelve-Fold Symmetry and its Application as Directional Coupling

Adller de O. Guimaraes, Jose P. Silva, Emmanuel R. M. Dantas


Optical fibers composed by photonic quasicrystals it is based on aperiodic structures characterized by at least two different symmetrical patterns from the base matrix. In this work, an optical fiber composed by quasi-periodic and symmetric matrix was analyzed using the finite element method in conjunction with cylindrical perfectly matched layers. The structure is composed by pure silica and/or silica doped with germanium, and originated from twelve distributions of air holes symmetrically with a defect caused by the absence of the fiber central hole. The obtained results shown that the structure in analysis exhibits an ultra-flat chromatic dispersion for a range of wavelengths varying from 1.4 to 1.6 µm covering the bands E, S, C and L, with chromatic dispersion, for the silica doped with germanium, varying between 22.1 and 23.01 []. This photonic quasicrystal fiber (PQCF) was used to form a coupler with three identical horizontal cores surrounded by air holes. The signal power launched in the central core is equally divided between the two neighboring cores with 50% of the coupling ratio.


Photonic Quasicrystals Fibers, Finite Elements and 12-fold symmetry.

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