Analysis of Frequency Selective Surface with U-Shaped Geometry

Alfredo Gomes Neto, Jefferson Costa Silva, Joabson Nogueira Carvalho, Andre Nascimento Silva, Cecilia Burle Aguiar, Deisy Formiga Mamedes


In this paper the frequency selective surface, FSS, with U-shaped geometry is analyzed. Employing the Wave Concept Iterative Procedure, WCIP, and the Method of Moments, MoM, numerical results for the FSS frequency response are presented and discussed. The first frequency of resonance is calculated using an approximate expression. Numerical results obtained by the use of WCIP and the MoM, as well as the results of the first resonance that were obtained with the approximate expression, present very good concordance. Based on the electric current distribution, the role of the U arms' length in the FSS frequency of resonance is examined.  Four FSS were fabricated and experimentally characterized. Compared to numerical ones, the measured results presented a very good agreement. The achieved frequency characteristics, such as reduction in the frequency of resonance up to approximately 50% in comparison to dipole, and the geometry simplicity, instigate the pursuit of new features of the FSS U-shaped geometry.


FSS, U-shaped geometry, WCIP

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