Waveguide Miniaturization utilizing Broad Side Coupled Metamaterial structures

T. Sedghi, T. Aribi, R. K. Mohammadlou, Sh. Shafei


Extracted results of open-end loaded X-band BJ-100 waveguide antenna with proposed broad Side Coupled structures, radiating below the cut-off frequency was fulfilled. According to results, the antenna operates about 6GHz. it   maneuvers 600MHz below the cut off frequency of the waveguide. The antenna has an impedance bandwidth of 900 MHz from 5.5 GHz to 6.4 GHz. The objective of the research was to miniaturization of antenna using novel electromagnetic metamaterial. The radiation attributes of the antenna does not affect by the cross section of the waveguide and backward wave propagation is possible below the waveguide cutoff frequency. Transverse width of such a waveguide can be arbitrarily small hence the miniaturization property is dictated by metamaterial implementation at the interest frequency. Finally a smaller, compact, and low profile antenna with appropriate bandwidth and relatively good radiation characteristics is fabricated.


Antenna. Metamaterial. Split ring resonator. Waveguide

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