A Workbench for Quality Control of Induction Motor Stators

A. A. de Espindola, F. J. H. Kalluf, S. C. Lima, J. P. Schlegel, N. J. Batistela, P. Kuo-Peng, J. P.A. Bastos


This paper is related to the development of an experimental workbench for testing stator cores of fractional horsepower induction motors. The workbench is able to evaluate the quality of the stator core in terms of magnetic material, dimensions, as well as manufacturing faults as short-circuit on laminations. This new tester submits the sample to magnetic flux closer to a real machine compared to traditional testers. In spite of not allowing segregation of the losses components, this workbench compares relative magnetic losses among different electrical steels used in stators. In order to validate the workbench, tests are carried out using the same lamination with three different electrical steels having the same commercial grading. The results are compared to the traditional Epstein Frame, the Ring Coil Tester and the commonly used Dynamometer, which is a very effective process for evaluating the motor quality. The Core Tester proposed in this paper can be used without a total assembly of the machine and mechanical connection with the dynamometer itself. It can detect possible stator troubles during the manufacturing process. Samples with simulation of short circuit on steel sheets are also tested. Results show that the new tester is able to compare materials and indicate manufacturing faults.


Induction motors. Iron losses. Magnetic materials. Ron-destructive testing. Pulse width modulation inverters. Rotating machines. Test facilities.

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