Design of a Novel Dual - Band Planar Inverted F Antenna for Mobile Radio Applications

N. Chattoraj, . Qurratulain, J. Saxena, S. Agarwal, K. V. Singh


The design of a novel compact dual band PIFA (Planar Inverted F-Antenna) as an embedded antenna is reported in this paper for mobile radio applications. The new shorted planar antenna is realized using copper sheet of thickness 1mm and air as the dielectric substrate. The radiating patch consists of a branch line slit to reduce the size of the antenna having a ground size of 36 x 80 mm2. It can be used in internal mobile antennas for applications in GSM band, GCV (1.85 - 1.99GHz), PCS - 1900, IMT-2000 and UMTS 2100 networks. The simulations are done using the Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software tool. The two operating frequency ranges obtained have good matching and radiation characteristics. The simulated results are well supported by measured results of the prototype of the antenna fabricated.


Antennas. HFSS. Impedance Bandwidth. PIFA. Planar Antennas

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