Comparing OSNR based Policies for an Adaptive-Alternative IA-RWA Algorithm Applied to All-Optical Networks

Carmelo J. A. Bastos-Filho, Rodrigo C. L. Silva, Daniel A. R. Chaves, André V. S. Xavier, Joaquim F. Martins-Filho


We propose two policies to select the route for an adaptive-alternative routing algorithm for all-optical networks. We use the NrPSR to find the Nr routes with lower cost for a given source-destination pair according to a cost function expanded in a power series (PSR) in which the coefficients are determined by a Particle Swarm Optimizer (PSO). The selected route to attend to the call request can be chosen among the Nr found routes depending on the adopted policy. In the first proposal, named NrPSR(OSNRJE), we select the route that presents the lowerOSNR that attends the Quality of Transmission requirements. In the second approach, named NrPSR(OSNRMAX), we select the route that presents the higherOSNR. In our simulations we considered some physical layer effects, such as: ASE noise generation, Optical Amplifier gain and ASE saturation and OXC crosstalk. We compared the performance of our proposed policies to others previous proposed policies for the NrPSR and other well known algorithms described in the literature. NrPSR(OSNRJE) outperformed all other routing algorithms. 

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