Photorefractive Digital Holographic Microscopy: an application in the microdevices surfaces

Marcos R. R. Gesualdi, Isis V. Brito, Jorge Ricardo, Francisco F. Palacios, M. Muramatsu, J. Valin


In this work, we present a Photorefractive Digital Holographic Microscopy (PRDHM) technique based on the writing-reading holographic process in photorefractive Bi12TiO20 (BTO) crystal using the numerical reconstruction of the phase and amplitude image performed by a Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) method. We demonstrate that a holographic reconstructed image by diffraction process in photorefractive BTO crystal can be combined with a second reference beam to form a hologram in CCD plane in a DHM setup. The experimental results in a glass slide resolution target and thin film structure was obtained, where, amplitude, phase and 3D phase images are calculated performing digital reconstruction. This technique presents potentials possibilities to obtain 3D phase image of the microdevices for dynamic holography applications. 

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