A methodology for performance evaluation of LEDs based on small signal ac analysis

Isnaldo J. Souza Coêlho, James N. da Silva


This paper shows fundamentals and results that support a promising methodology for evaluation in locus of a LED from its own radiating signal, and that allows monitoring of its aging by remote inference on which degradation mechanism is acting internally to the device's structure. It brings out also an alternative route for estimation of parameters of the Shockley's equation directly from small-signalac analysis in a simple bench circuit. This last approach is shown to be effective and advantageous relatively to methods which take near a hundred points to achieve good estimations, while it uses only two points of the I-V static characteristic. Both approaches __ referred to as remote inference method (RIM)and two-points method (TPM) __ are applied together to show that external quantum efficiency (EQE) can be closely correlated to the injection process assumed to take place in that emitting device, meanwhile overvalued serial resistances due to neutral layers and ohmic contacts in electrodes affect only its electrical performance.  

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742013000200026


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