Experimental Optical Generation of DP-16QAM Modulation Format for High Spectral Efficiency Optical Transmission

E. P. Silva, L. H. H. Carvalho, R. Silva, J. P. K. Perin, M. L. Silva, P. P. G. Cardoso, J. C. R. F. Oliveira


In this paper, we present a simple experimental method to generate a DP-16QAM optical signal for high spectral efficiency optical transmission. A 16QAM optical signal is generated by passing a DP-QPSK signal through a linear polarization filter in a certain angle so that a square 16QAM can be achieved. Afterwards, we use a polarization multiplexer in order to produce a dual polarization signal. This method proved to be a straightforward and stable way to generate a DP-16QAM signal. In addition, we show that it can provide the same quality in terms of BER per OSNR demonstrated elsewhere. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742013000200023


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