Transmission of a 1.12 Tb/s superchannel over 452 km fiber

Daniel Moutinho Pataca, Luis Henrique Hecker de Carvalho, Cristiane Brandani Ferrari Adami, Fabio Donati Simões, Mônica de Lacerda Rocha, Júlio C. R. F. Oliveira


This paper describes the transmission of a non-guard interval 1.12 Tb/s 10-carrier superchannel, launched into a 226 km recirculating loop. After two round trips (452 km) a BER below the FEC limit (3.8 x 10-3) was still obtained. To evaluate the superchannel generation technique, up to 72 comb lines (OSNRmin = 12.7 dB) were generated and modulated (DP-QPSK) at 112.5 Gb/s and, in a back-to-back configuration, such an 8.06 Tb/s signal was detected by a coherent receiver with offline processing, resulting in a maximum BER of 2.4 x 10-3.

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