Spectrally-Efficient 17.6-Tbs DWDM Optical Transmission System over 678 km with Pre-Filtering Analysis

L. H. H. Carvalho, E. P. Silva, R. Silva, J. P. K Perin, J. C. R. F. Oliveira, M. L. Silva, P. P. G. Cardoso, A. Paradisi


We present and analyze a 17.6-Tb/s DWDM optical transmission composed of 79 channels with 224-Gb/s RZ-DP-16QAM modulation format per-channel and coherent detection. A maximum reach of 678 km is obtained with an optical recirculation loop composed by 226 km of pure-silica core fibers and EDFA amplification only in a 50-GHz grid system with spectral efficiency of 4.2-b/s/Hz. Also, a 25-GHz Gaussian optical pre-filter is applied to each channel and the same reach of 678 km is obtained in a 37.5-GHz channel grid system with spectral efficiency of 5.6-b/s/Hz. These results demonstrate a 33% system capacity improvement without transmission penalties.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742013000200018


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