A CMOS UWB Transmitter with Vivaldi Array for Ultra-fast Beam steering Microwave Radar

Alexandre M. De Oliveira, Héctor D. O. Ascama, Roberto K. Hiramatsu, Sérgio T. Kofuji, Marcelo B. Perotoni, João F. Justo


This work presents a new Ultra Wide Band (UWB) beamforming fifth-order derivative Gaussian pulse transmitter with dual small Vivaldi antennas for remote acquisition of vital signals in impulse radar applications. The system consists of a programmable delay circuit (PDC or τ), a UWB pulse generator (PG) circuit and an array of two Vivaldi planar antennas. The circuits is designed using the 0.18μm CMOS IBM process. Spice simulations show the pulse generation with 90mVpp amplitude and 300ps width. The average power consumption is 120µW per pulse, using a 2V power supply at a pulse repetition rate (PRR) of 100MHz. Full tridimensional electromagnetic simulations, using CST MWS, show the main lobe radiation with a gain of 5.5dB, and a beam steering between 20º and -17.5º for azimuthal (θ) angles at the center frequency of 7.5GHz

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742013000200014


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