SAR Analysis for Handheld Mobile Phone Using DICOM Based Voxel Model

Md. Faruk Ali, Sudhabindu Ray


In this paper, Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) inside the human head and hand have been analyzed for a handheld mobile phone operated at GSM 900 band. Both the head and hand are modeled electrically using Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) formatted CT Scan voxel data considering the electrical parameters of different internal anatomical structures. Three-dimensional Finite Difference in Time Domain (FDTD) method has been used to simulate SAR induced in the head and hand. Maximum peak 1-g and 10-g SARs of 1.33 W/kg and 0.388 W/kg are found at antenna resonance frequency of 930 MHz for 0.6 W applied input power which are below the limits set by ANSI/IEEE and FCC, respectively.

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