Resonant Properties of Gold Bowtie Nanoantennas of Modified Triangular Geometries for Optical Sensors Applications

Victor Dmitriev, Thaís L. T. dos Santos, Karlo Q. da Costa


In this work, we investigate the resonant properties of gold bowtie nanoantennas of modified triangular geometries. The proposed nanoantennas are composed by nanoparticles of the following geometries: triangles with curved sides and a triangle with one corner formed by three tips. We investigated the resonant response and spatial distribution of electric near-field, the resonant wavelength and the far-field diagrams of these gold nanoantennas. The numerical results show that they possess electric field intensity higher than that of conventional bowtie nanoantenna with equilateral triangular nanoparticles. On the other hand, their scattering cross sections in far-field region are lower due to their smaller area. These nanoantennas can be useful for optical fibre sensors applications.

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