Simulation of electro-optic modulator based on optical waveguide formed by residual thermal stress-induced on Bi4Ge3O12 substrate by Si3N4 thin film

S. S. Sato, R. E. Caetano, M. A. R. Franco, J. C. Santos


This paper presents a study on the performance of electro-optic (EO) modulators consisting of optical waveguides induced by residual thermal stress produced by silicon nitride (Si3N4) film deposited on bismuth germanate (Bi4Ge3O12) substrate. Methodologies developed in previous works are used to analyze the performance related to electro-optics modulators. The analyses were performed by a full vector finite element method (FEM) based program, capable of multiphysics simulations, including evaluation of optical propagation characteristics of residual thermal stress-induced waveguides and main electro-optic parameters of EO modulators, considering different geometrical designs. The presented performance results (in terms of sizes of modes, effective refractive indices, characteristic impedances and electro-optic modulation depth) indicate the viability of EO modulators fabrication on cubic substrates with unusual directions of light propagation and electric field application.

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