Sensitivity-Enhanced Side-Polished Microstructured Optical Fibers Temperature Sensors via Bending

Gláucia C. Balvedi, Marcos A. R. Franco


New designs of side-polished microstructured optical fibers (D-MOF) for temperature-sensing purposes have been proposed recently providing high sensitivities in a wide range of temperature. The objective of this work is to verify if these fibers present higher sensitivities when they are bent. A full-vector finite element software was employed in order to evaluate the power loss, and some radii of curvature were considered. It can be concluded that the fibers present higher sensitivities if bent compared to the unbent ones, guaranteeing that they can be used for temperature-sensing purposes with better performance than the unbent fibers. Two bent D-MOF designs were numerically analyzed and high sensitivities of about 0.70 dB/oC over a operational range of temperature DT = 50oC and 7.97 dB/oC over DT = 15oC were observed.  

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