Uncooled Detectors of Continuum Terahertz Radiation

P. Kaufmann, R. Marcon, A. S. Kudaka, M. M. Cassiano, L. O.T. Fernandes, A. Marun, P. Pereyra, R. Godoy, E. Bortolucci, M. Beny Zakia, J. A. Diniz, A. M. Pereira Alves da Silva, A. V. Timofeevsky, V. A. Nikolaev


THz continuum spectral photometry has new and unique applications in different civil and military areas presenting a number of distinctive advantages on the well known microwaves or mid- to near-infrared technologies. THz sensing is essential to investigate the emission mechanisms by high energy particle acceleration processes. Technical challenges appear to diagnose radiation produced by solar flare burst emissions measured from space as well as radiation produced by high energy electrons in laboratory accelerators. THz filters and detectors have been investigated for the construction of solar flare high cadence radiometers to operate outside the terrestrial atmosphere. Experimental setups have been assembled for testing THz continuum radiation response from distinct detectors: adapted commercial microbolometer array, pyroelectric module, and opto-acoustic (Golay cell). The results permitted the final design of a THz double radiometer using Golay cells to be flown in stratosphere balloon missions.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742011000100027


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