Design of CPW–Fed Ultra wideband Fractal Antenna and Backscattering Reduction

Raj Kumar


This paper presents the design of ultra-wideband (UWB) circular shaped Fractal antenna and its backscattering reduction. The fourth iterative Circular fractal antenna have been designed and fabricated on εr = 4.3 and h = 1.53 mm with radius 41 mm. The antenna offers excellent ultra wideband performance ranging from 0.80 GHz to 10.68 GHz. The antenna exhibits impedance bandwidth of 9.88 GHz corresponding to 172.13 % at 10 dB return loss points. The lower end frequency of fractal antenna shifted to 0.8 GHz in comparison to simple patch resonant frequency 1.446 GHz of same dimension. This indicates the size reduction of antenna. The experimental radiation pattern of fractal antenna has been observed nearly omni-directional. The backscattering reduction of fractal antenna has also been studied. The fourth iterative fractal antenna exhibits low backscattering. The effect of superstrate on antenna metallization can be helpful to tune the low RCS minima in operating band. Such type of antenna can be used for UWB system, radar and EW applications.

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