Simulations of Lightning Strokes near Transmission Lines in Urban Environments by Using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

Ricardo H. T. Chamié Filho, Rodrigo M. S. de Oliveira, Carlos Leonidas da S. S. Sobrinho


Numerical full-wave solutions of induced voltages on low-voltage energy lines due to atmospheric discharges on cell phone radio base stations (RBS), installed at the proximities of such lines, are presented for the first time in this work. Structures, such as towers and buildings, which present high structural complexity, have been modeled in order to obtain realistic results. In particular, this paper shows the importance of considering the effects related to real electrical conductivity and permittivity of the soil (in technical literature, PECs have been used to represent the soil in similar problems). For this purpose, a software has been developed in which Maxwell's equations are numerically solved by using a parallel implementation of the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method (FDTD), producing full wave solutions for the problem. The thin wire formulation has been implemented for representing thin cylindrical electric conductors and transmission lines.

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