Broadband Stacked Patch Antenna for Bluetooth Applications

Anil B. Nandgaonkar, Shankar B. Deosarkar


Microstrip patch antennas are well suited for wireless Local Area Network (LAN) application systems due to their versatility, conformability, low cost and low sensitivity to manufacturing tolerances. Conventionally patch antennas have showed a narrowband response, implicating low bit rate transfer. Recently the importance has been placed upon creating patch antennas that show broadband properties, capable of high-speed data transfer. The aim of this paper is to design efficient and reliable broadband patch antenna for adequate area coverage and sufficient bandwidth usage. A parasitically coupled broadband patch antenna for the broadband wireless LAN application systems is designed. The proposed structure has been initially optimized using the Method of Moments based commercial software IE3D followed by experimental verification on Agilent Vector Network Analyzer, E5062A. The active bandwidth for VSWR ≤ 1.5 is observed around 195 MHz (8%). Other important characteristics of the antenna structure such as antenna gain, antenna efficiency, radiation efficiency and average current distribution are also studied

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