Design and Fabrication of a Novel Compact Low-loss Microstrip Diplexer for WCDMA and WiMAX Applications

A. Rezaei, S. I. Yahya, L. Noori, M. H. Jamaluddin


In this paper, a novel miniaturized microstrip diplexer using two bandpass filters (BPFs) is designed and fabricated. The filters consist of stub loaded coupled lines. Additional stubs and T-shape feeding structures are added to miniaturize the size of the presented diplexer. With the adopted special structure, low insertion losses and compact size are obtained. The introduced diplexer operates at 2.12 GHz for WCDMA application and 3.94 GHz for WiMAX application. The obtained insertion losses are 0.25 dB at 2.12 GHz and 0.26 dB at 3.94 GHz. A design technique for analyzing the proposed resonator is introduced to tune the resonance frequencies and obtain a compact size. The size of the proposed diplexer is 23.4 × 16.9 mm2 (0.038 λg2). The measurement result of the fabricated diplexer validates the design technique and simulation results. 


Compact, Coupled lines, Diplexer, Microstrip

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