Design of Microwave Filters Topologies using a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm

Maria J. P. Dantas, Leonardo da C. Brito, Paulo H. P. de Carvalho, Humberto Abdalla Júnior


This paper presents a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm applied to design of microwave filters topologies. In this approach the structure space is explored concerning predefined small building-blocks and topology-constraints rules. The method uses 2D representation, new strong genetic operators, combining a biobjective evolutionary algorithm to evolve topologies and local search to improve the circuit parameters. The optimization of circuit topologies and their parameters are simultaneously carried out. The results showed that the lumped-elements filters synthesized, are generated with small populations and few generations, producing small well-structured circuits, which accomplish the specifications. The results obtained are compared with those obtained by the conventional and/or evolutionary approaches. The performance measurement of method is given in circuit evaluations number to obtain a solution

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