Mutual Coupling Reduction in Phased Array Antennas Applying High-Impedance Surface at X Band

J. B. O. de Araújo, V. P. R. M. Souza, T. N. Ferreira, L. J. de Matos, G. L. Siqueira, J. M. Souza, M. W. B. da Silva


This paper presents a microstrip phased array using High Impedance Surface - Electromagnetic Band Gap (HIS-EBG) in order to minimize the effects of mutual coupling among the antenna elements. Each element of the array is fed by a coaxial cable allowing the beam steering by controlling the signal of the input port of each element. This phased array operates at X Band as well as the band-gap of the HIS-EBG structure. Its main applications are satellite communication and broadcasting systems. Results show reductions in the mutual coupling up to 12 dB, and improvements in the return loss and gain.


electromagnetic band-gap, metamaterial, microstrip, phased array.

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