Co-Design of a GPS Antenna Low-Noise Amplifier Front-End Circuit

E. S. Sakomura, D. F. M. Boada, D. C. Nascimento


This paper presents a clear and fast design procedure for directly matched low noise active integrated microstrip antenna front end circuits. Initially, a theoretical analysis is given for the overall gain equivalence between traditional and directly matched antennas. Then, a detailed procedure is presented for the design and construction of a fully integrated GPS antenna. To validate the proposed procedure, a prototype was built and characterized by measuring the reflection coefficient, radiation pattern, noise figure and the active antenna overall gain. Additionally, a field test comparison was made between the manufactured prototype and a commercially available active antenna using the u-blox NEO-6M GPS receiver module. The prototype experimental and field test results showed excellent performance, thus validating the proposed co-design approach.


Active integrated antenna, co-design, direct matching, front-end circuit, low noise amplifier, microstrip antenna

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