Channel Propagation Model for Mobile Network Project in Densely Arboreous Environments

Josiane C. Rodrigues, Simone G. C. Fraiha, Hermí­nio S. Gomes, Gervásio P. S. Cavalcante, Alexandre R. O. de Freitas, Glaucio H. S. de Carvalho


An electromagnetic wave propagation model in cellular frequency band for densely arboreous suburban environments is presented in this paper. In order to validate the proposed model, its results are compared with ones obtained from measurement campaigns carried out in a typical Amazonian city with suburban characteristics, i.e. low building surrounded by big trees, and some ones from literature. In addition, measurements with different transmitter heights were accomplished to study its influence in the signal propagation and the sensitivity response of the model. The model proposed agrees with some well-known models and measurements, including the critical case when the transmitter antenna height is close to the height of trees.

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