Mu-Negative Metamaterials Seen as Band-Limited Non-Foster Impedances in Inductive Power Transmission Systems

J. V. Almeida, G. L. Siqueira, M. M. Mosso, C. A. F. Sartori


In the last decade, various works have demonstrated that a class of artificial material called metamaterials (MTM) can synthesize mu-negative (MNG) media capable of evanescent-wave focusing which largely enhances the magnetic coupling between coils, which is the basic mechanism of Inductive Power Transmission (IPT) systems. In the present work, MTM-enhanced coupling in IPT systems is examined through analytical and numerical results, which are validated by experimental data. Adopting a transmission-line (TL) based approach to describe the general MTM-enhanced IPT system, it is evidenced that MNG MTMs can be interpreted as a negative impedance from a circuital point of view.



Coupling enhancement; magnetic circuit; metamaterial-based lens; non-Foster impedance matching.

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