Study and Optimization of Raman Amplifiers in Tellurite-Based Optical Fibers for Wide-Band Telecommunication Systems

G. D. de Andrade, H. R. O. Rocha, M. E. V. Segatto, M. J. Pontes, C. E. S. Castellani


Here we present a numerical analysis and the optimization of a multi-pump discrete Raman amplification system based on the use of a Tellurite optical fiber as the gain media. By using previously reported optimization techniques we were able to exploit the high Raman gain of Tellurite optical fibers and its multi-peak spectrum to achieve average gains around 10 dB with ripples in the region of 3 dB in a very broad amplification band from 1520 to 1600 nm, using only 3 pumps with less than 800 mW each. Optimized systems were obtained for different lengths of fiber showing that discrete Raman amplifiers based on tellurite fibers with lengths as short as 100 meters can provide high gains and low ripples in a very broad wavelength band. Lower cost systems using only 2 pumps were also analyzed in this study providing 5.8 dB of gain with only 2.4 dB of ripple for a 80 nm signal bandwidth.


Non-linear optics; Raman amplifiers; Raman Scattering; Tellurite fibers.

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