Simulation and Design of a Bandpass Filter Based on Substrate Integrated E-Plane Waveguide

C. P. Costa, A. G. D' Assunção, H. C. Nascimento, A. G. D' Assunção Jr


This paper presents a bandpass filter based on a substrate integrated E-plane waveguide (SIEW) structure for wireless applications, at X-band. The SIEW geometry allows the development of new horizontally polarized filter topologies, unlike filter structures based on substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), which present vertical polarization (perpendicular to the ground plane). The simulation of the proposed SIEW filter is carried out using Ansoft HFSS software. To evaluate the performance of the proposed structure, the frequency behaviors of the scattering parameters are obtained for a horizontally polarized excitation. In the simulation, analyses are performed for the lossless and lossy (dielectric and metallic) cases, in order to compare the obtained results. The SIEW filter is fabricated and measured using a vector network analyzer (VNA). Measurement results are in agreement with simulation ones, validating the proposed filter design and topology. The fabricated prototype resonates at 10.54 GHz, with a bandwidth of 1.20 GHz, defined for a -3 dB transmission coefficient reference level. The SIEW filter structure is easy to design and manufacture and can be used in wireless communications systems that require components with ease integration into other planar structures.


Substrate integrated E-plane waveguide; SIEW; laminated filter; bandpass filter

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