Analog Radio-over-Fiber Fronthaul by a WDM-PON employing Double RSOA Self-Seeding and Carrier-Reuse Techniques

A. M. Souza, D. R. Celino, U. R. Duarte, M. A. Romero


WDM-PON has been considered a promising solution for future fronthaul links concerning new mobile networks applications. However, in order to avoid inventory problems and reduce operation costs, there is a need for colorless sources, where the same basic optical source can be used regardless of the desired wavelength. Also, the digital RoF scheme, which has been employed so far, might require a bandwidth that is prohibitive even for optical fiber links. In this paper, we propose and numerically investigate a bidirectional colorless WDM-PON fronthaul transporting analog RoF signals as an alternative to meet these demands. All simulations were performed using a framework calibrated with experimental data. For the downstream, we employ a double-cavity self-seeding technique, while the upstream is performed by a cascaded-RSOAs carrier-reuse approach. BER and EVM simulation analysis are presented for various data rates, modulations formats and RF bands ranging from 1 to 5 GHz, demonstrating the feasibility of our proposed topology as a novel fronthaul approach.

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