Computational Model and Parameter Extraction of High Speed Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Space Switches

T. Sutili, P. Rocha, E. Barrientos, A. Bordonalli, C. Gallep, E. Conforti


A characterization technique including a mathematical model involving extensive computational resources is introduced to study the behavior of an electro-optical space switch based on a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The model encompasses the precise emulation of device nonlinearities and its transient performance, allowing the characterization of its transient response. The calibration process includes the evaluation of parasites from the SOA connection, mounting, and encapsulation and parameter extraction of the SOA active cavity. The numerical results are compared with experimental data for various operational conditions, with close similarities. The characterization technique can be adapted to other electro-optical devices, such as directed modulated lasers, amplitude modulators, and electro-optical switches.


Electro-optic devices, electro-optic switches, equivalent circuit, semiconductor optical amplifier, simulation.

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