Design, Construction and Testing of a Microwave Cavity for Linear and Non-Linear ESR Spectroscopy at 4.5 GHz Operating in TE102 Mode

Laura Andreozzi, Ciro Autiero, Fabio Zulli, Marco Giordano


It was proved that the combined use of linear and non-linear electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is able to enlighten the non-exponential behaviour of the reorientational correlation function of spin probes dissolved in complex systems. In these systems the structural relaxation is expected to depend on the frequency excitation, therefore it seems useful to extend the investigation at frequencies other than the standard 9.8 GHz. In the present work, the design, the manufacturing, the characterisation of a rectangular cavity operating in TE102 mode at 4.5 GHz, and its coupling to a WR187 waveguide through an iris tuner, are carefully described. Its performance when loaded with large lossy samples has also been tested and compared with the performances of the X-band TE102, TM110, and theoretical TEU02 cavities.

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