J. Rodríguez, S. Fernández, M. García, D. Pozo


The scattering properties of discontinuities between dielectric waveguides are obtained by using a new generalized scattering matrix concept, together with the generalized telegraphist equations formulism and the modal matching technique. The cross sections of the inhomogeneous dielectric waveguides are simulated by means of a grid of rectangular pixels enclosed by perfectly conducting boundaries. Consequently, there is not restriction in the cross section shape of the dielectrics as well as in the refractive index profile functions of the waveguides. Modal propagation characteristics, radiation losses and complex scattering coefficients between proper modes can be obtained for monomode and multimode dielectric waveguides connected in cascade. Single and multiple discontinuities in cylindrical and rectangular dielectric waveguides, as well as in planar and channel optical waveguides, were analyzed. Numerical and experimental results of the complex scattering coefficients were obtained at microwave frequencies for coupled cylindrical dielectrics posts, a dielectric transition as well as for cylindrical dielectric waveguides connected abruptly and gradually. In all cases the agreement was excellent. Photonic band gaps, photonic windows and optical switching properties were obtained for periodic structures at optical frequencies. The possibilities of the method for analyzing microwave devices, waveguide photonic crystals as well as optical devices in dielectric periodic structures are demonstrated.

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