WCIP method applied to modeling an L-notched rectangular metallic ring FSS for multiband applications and its equivalent structure

I. Adoui, M. Titaouine, H. Choutri, R. Saidi, T. R. de Sousa, A. Gomes Neto, H. Baudrand


A frequency selective surface (FSS) with a unit cell containing of an L-notched rectangular metallic ring pattern that can be adopted for dual polarization applications is proposed and analyzed using the wave concept iterative procedure (WCIP). The presented FSS is fed with a normal incident plane wave and it shows three resonant frequencies at 6.5GHz, 9 GHz and 11.5 GHz when the FSS is x-polarized and two resonant frequencies at 6GHz and 8GHzwhen the FSS is y-polarized. The parametric study of the FSS provides three FSS dimensions where their variation independently or simultaneously results in resonant frequencies tuning. They are the two dimensions of the L part of the FSS and its notch penetration and changing their values in the FSS allowed intervals gives rise to charts and equations based on polynomials determined by the use of least mean square method. Thus no need to softwares to determine the FSS resonant frequencies once the application is restricted to a specific FSS such as the L-notched rectangular metallic ring FSS for low cost FSS use. The presented synthesis approach is extended to the determination of the equivalent FSS structures based on non-coupled parallel metallic strips for the complex FSS structures of difficult comprehensive resonance sources. One FSS is manufactured and characterized. A good agreement is recorded when the WCIP results for the transmission coefficient are compared with the results of COMSOL Multiphysics software and measurement.


FSS; WCIP; multiband; equivalent circuit; FSS synthesis approach; complex FSS equivalent structure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742018v17i41288


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