Power Allocation in PON-OCDMA with Improved Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization

G. A. Santana, F. Durand, T. Abrão


In this work, it is investigated an improved chaos particle swarm optimization (IC-PSO) scheme to refine the quality of the algorithm solutions regarding to solve the optimal power allocation in next generation passive optical networks (NG-PON)s. The proposed IC-PSO scheme utilizes the Beta distribution instead of uniform distribution of the traditional PSO. A factor of damping based in the chaotic logistic map related to the updating of the best global value is successful introduced. The numerical results corroborate the best relation between the performance-complexity tradeoff and the quality of the algorithm solutions for the proposed IC-PSO when compared with the classical PSO power allocation scheme.


Particle Swarm Optimization; Passive Optical Networks; Chaos

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742018v17i21258


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