Beampattern Synthesis for Frequency Diverse Array Based on Time-Modulated Double Parameters Approach

T. Mu, Y. Song, Z. Wang


The basic frequency diverse array (FDA) using linearly increasing frequency increments generates a range-angle dependent beampattern. However, it is coupled in range and angle dimensions and is also periodic in range and time, making its applications limited. In this paper, we propose a novel FDA beampattern synthesis approach utilizing the time-modulated double parameters based on the chaos sequence. The chirp signal mechanism is used instead of the single-frequency signal mechanism. Meanwhile, the multi-carrier architecture is used for range-angle decoupling. Satisfactory time-invariant range-angle beampattern can be synthesized for both single and multiple targets locations. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed FDA scheme. Furthermore, comparative study with the existing technology indicates that the proposed approach can provide better performance in spatial focusing and side-lobe suppressing.


beampattern synthesis, chaos sequence, frequency diverse array, time modulation

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