Compact Filtenna for WLAN Applications

M. M. Hosain, S. Kumari, A. K. Tiwary


This manuscript proposes a Filtenna operating in the frequency range of 5.15-5.35 GHz for possible application in wireless local area network (WLAN). Initially, a monopole antenna consisting of a square loop radiating patch is designed at 5.2 GHz and is integrated into a bandpass filter (BPF) with centre frequency of 5.2 GHz. Within the proposed frequency band of operation, the filtenna depicts omni-directional radiation pattern, good selectivity and low insertion loss. Also, the VSWR observed is less than 2 and peak antenna gain is approximately 2.5 dBi within the frequency range. A fine conformity is obtained between the simulation and the experiment.


Antenna, band pass filter (BPF), filtenna, monopole.

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