S-Parameter Measurements of the Impedance of mm-Wave IMPATT Diodes in Dependency on the Current Density

Claus J. Schoellhorn, M. Morschbach, H. Xu, W. Zhao, E. Kasper


S-parameter measurements were performed to characterize IMPATT diodes integrated in coplanar waveguides, up to a maximum frequency of 40GHz. With a de-embedding procedure the real- and imaginary part of the impedance of the inner diodes were calculated. Above the avalanche frequency the diodes showed the expected negative real- and imaginary parts of the impedance. Due to theory, with increasing current density the avalanche frequency shifted to higher values. To manufacture the diodes and oscillators a complete monolithically integrated process was used. This process avoids the use of heatsinks and the difficult and time consuming bonding process.

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