Directional Coupler Based on a Photonic Quasi-Crystal Fiber with Extended Cores

J. P. da Silva, E. G. dos Santos, M. T. Bezerra-Segundo


In this paper, an optical coupler formed by a photonic quasi-crystal fiber (PQCF) with two cores is proposed. The structure is obtained by immersion of a quasi-periodic arrangement of air holes repeated twelve-fold in a pure silica shell. The cores are generated from defects caused due to absence of two air holes on each identical core and horizontally equidistant from the center of PQCF. The chromatic dispersion in each fiber core is ultra-flat around 38.12 and to verify the power transfer, the signal was launched on the left core and transferred to the right core in a propagation distance of approximately 3.78 cm.


Photonic Quasi-Crystal Fiber; Óptical Coupler; Extended Cores

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