A high gain and directivity bow tie antenna based on single-negative metamaterial

L. Liu, C. Zhang, Y. Liu, Y. Hua


This paper presents an antenna of loaded with metamaterial to enhance the gain and directivity of antenna to improve the performance of the ground-penetrating radar system (GPR). By adjusting the parameters of the antenna to change the antenna equivalent capacitance, inductance, and designed the operating frequency of 0.5GHz-1.2GHz ultra-wideband antenna. On the basis of this operating frequency, we also designed the corresponding negative permittivity and permeability materials, and realized the design and simulation of patch antenna and material working in the 1GHz frequency band. The high gain and directivity of the antenna loaded with single negative material are verified by simulation. Compared to the original antenna increased the maximum gain of 7dB, the direction has also been greatly improved.


Metamaterial-based antenna, Negative permittivity, Negative permeability, Gain enhancement.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742018v17i21116


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