R. Falate, R. C. Kamikawachi, J. L. Fabris, M Müller, Hypolito José Kalinowski


We report the use of long period gratings (LPG) fabricated with electrical arc discharges from a fusion splicer for hydrocarbon detection in both fuel and atmospheric environment. In the fuel experiments, four different types of solvents are used. Wavelength shifts in the attenuation peak as longer as 10.3 nm, 2.6 nm, 50.6 nm, and 6.1 nm are obtained when different concentrations of turpentine, naphtha, thinner, and anhydrous alcohol, respectively, are added to the commercial Brazilian gasoline blend. The exposition of LPG to a mixture of butane and propane in air results in a wavelength shift of 0.6 nm in the attenuation peak. These results point to the prospect of using the LPG sensor for fuel quality control and for the detection of petroleum pollutant in atmospheric environment.

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