Analytical Approach for Making Multilayer and Inhomogeneous Structures Invisible Based on Mantle Cloak

Ensieh Ghasemi, Ali Abdolali, Fatemeh Aghamohamadi


The main purpose of this article is carry out analytical equations based on the transmission line model for making the multilayer dielectric objects invisible. These equations are verified using different simulators such as ADS, MATLAB and CST. The simulation results matched well with the suggested equations. Using this analytical equation, a new method cloaking an inhomogeneous material is suggested. At last, some complex structures are implemented using CST simulator and suitable performances are reached. So, it is proved that mantle cloak is applicable for making complex inhomogeneous materials invisible.


Mantle cloak, Inhomogeneous material, Frequency selective surface (FSS), Scattering cancellation.

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